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beFree Sound 2×10 Inch Woofer Portable Bluetooth Powered PA Speaker


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This beFree Sound multipurpose Bluetooth Portable PA Speaker is designed with 4000 Watts of clean amplified sound, bringing more power and sound to your party or event. With it’s illuminating lights and powerful sound, this Speaker is sure to make any event successful.

* USB and SD Card Slot
* Record from Radio/Mic/Guitar/RCA
* Play, Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward, Shuffle, Repeat and Record Features located on back of Speaker
* Metal Grill Covered Speakers
* 2 x 10″” Woofer
* RCA Input/Output, Microphone Input, Guitar Input
* 12V 7.5Ah Rechargeable Battery
* Battery life on half volume will last approximately 6 hours
* AC UL Adapter 100-240V
* Handel Bars
* Includes Microphone and Remote Control

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